74-0237 Silky Silk Crystal Bead Tabletop Candelabra| Candelabra For Wedding Table centerpieces| Dinning room Decor| Living room & Home Decor.

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❀ 【Premium Quality】 These Crystal Bead Tabletop Candelabra are Made of high-quality Metal with Crystal Beads, Each globe is made of individual crystals, surrounded by golden wire, and attached together to form a candle holder. The transparent Crystal color gives them a noble and elegant temperament.

❀ 【Sizes】 1.8″ x 22″ Inches.

❀ 【Structure】 Sparkling crystal drops glisten in the light and beautifully reflect the light onto the curved branches. It’s easy to add a splash of glass with shimmering crystal gems around the bowl. Add a touch of romance to tabletops and dinner settings. A shimmering look lends this tall candle a timeless appeal that makes any setting and party look beautiful. There is a bearing block on the bottom candle tree more sturdy.

❀ 【MULTIFUNCTION】 It may be utilized both indoors and outside, including in the home, garden, living room, and patio as well as at weddings. You may use it for parties, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Christmas in addition to those occasions. Alternately, you might set this adorning Acrylic Candle Stand everywhere to maintain a joyful atmosphere.

❀ 【QUALITY GUARANTEE】 Customer satisfaction and involvement are our top priorities, thus we promise that when you purchase our product, your happiness is guaranteed.

Crystal Bead Tabletop Candelabra is a dazzling fusion of elegance and radiance that elevates the art of candlelit ambiance. This exquisite masterpiece brings a touch of luxury to your living space, combining candlelight’s timeless allure with sparkling crystals’ brilliance. Designed for versatility, the Crystal Bead Tabletop Candelabra is a stunning centerpiece for your dining table, a striking accent for your mantelpiece, or a statement decor piece in any room. Its innate ability to catch and disperse light adds an ethereal touch to intimate dinners, festive gatherings, or even serene moments of solitude. Whether positioned as a solo work of art or accompanied by complementary decor, this candelabra transforms your environment into a realm of pure enchantment. The sleek metal structure and the delicate crystal beads create an aesthetic balance that seamlessly blends classic charm with contemporary allure. Place this candelabra atop your dining table, mantelpiece, or any surface that begs for a touch of grandeur. Its presence not only adds a touch of refined elegance but also infuses your space with an air of enchantment that captivates guests and loved ones alike. Whether you seek to create a romantic atmosphere, celebrate a momentous occasion, or simply bask in the serene glow of candlelight, the Crystal Bead Tabletop Candelabra stands ready to weave its spell. Elevate your space to a realm of unmatched beauty and luminosity with this extraordinary candelabra, and let its radiant charm become an integral part of your cherished memories.


Gold, Silver


1.8" x 22" Inches

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